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Zuni Salt Lake
latitude: 34.44889
longitude: -108.7675
state: New Mexico
county: Catron
category: Lake
elevation (ft/m): 6224/1897
history: Although several Indian tribes consider this saline lake a sacred source of salt, the lake belongs to the Zunis. Onate visited the lake in 1598, and it appears sa Salina de Zuni on Miera y Pachoeco's 1775 maps. It appears in other Spanish documents by its Spanish name, Laguna Salada. When the boundaries of the Zuni Reservation were drawn in 1877, the lake was excluded and commerical operations were begun, but in the 1970s the Zunis resumed ownership.

citation: Represents a feature name collected during Phase I GNIS data compilation (1976-1981), primarily from existing U.S. Geological Survey 1:24,000-scale topographic maps; various edition dates.

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